art direction, branding, design for Otsuka


1. Brand guidelines

JINARC(R) is a new drug slowing progression of a rare genetic kidney disease, initiated in Japan, it needed European re-brand, inheriting logo and two corporate colours. I was responsible for art direction of brand book, film, print and digital materials.

    • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a
    • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a13
    • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a15
    • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a16
    • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a30
    • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a31
  • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a20
  • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a38
  • 32117 Jinarc Brandbook_v4a39

2. Film

Together with Alex Telfer, who directed this short film, we told the story of JINARC’s patient – Brenda de Konnick. The audience are healthcare professionals, not always aware of the positive impact new medication can have on a patient’s life.

3. Website

The responsive, dynamic website builds a custom content based on user’s choices. Look and feel follows editorial guidelines, with light backgrounds and minimal graphics evoking strong strategic research targeting healthcare professionals.



4. Editorial and interactive

The assets gained during filming Brenda alongside with complicated pharmacological data and specialist information were used to create a set of large format exhibition banners, posters, leavepieces and apps.

32121 JINARC Launch Leavepiece AG_Page_1


  • 32121 JINARC Launch Leavepiece AG_Page_3
  • 32121 JINARC Launch Leavepiece AG_Page_4
  • 33713_JINARC_edetail_jan15_0005_1.1-graph
  • 33713_JINARC_edetail_jan15_0043_5.5-f1
  • 33713_JINARC_edetail_jan15_0036_5.1-F1-graph-2
  • 33713_JINARC_edetail_jan15_0025_3.3-graph
  • _0000_Splashscreen
  • _0001_About-the-ADPKD-Outcomes-Model
  • _0007_6-How-the-model-works
  • _0018_references